Disseminating the Integrated European Census Microdata

DIECM 2005-08.

Institution: Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics.

Principal investigators: Anna Cabré, Albert Esteve.

Funding: European Comission, Research Infraestructures Action, FP6-515830 and Departament d'Universitats Recerca i Societat de la Informació (DURSI).

The overarching goal of the Disseminating Integrated European Census Microdata (DIECM) is to enhance and promote usage of the European microdata, based on samples of over fifty Western and Eastern European censuses.

The primary objective of the Disseminating Integrated European Census Microdata (DIECM) Database Study is to implement an Internet based dissemination system to make accessible to researchers and policy makers an integrated micro- and meta- data infrastructure based on multiple rounds of population and housing censuses for at least 17 European countries. DIECM users will be offered access to four interrelated services:

  • A collection of anonymized, integrated census samples for successive census rounds in seventeen European countries.
  • A comprehensive collection of enumerator instructions and other primary census documentation
  • Extensive integrated meta data on the harmonized census samples
  • A collection of papers and research reports concerning various aspects of the data anonymization and integration