Inclusive Growth Research Infraestructure Diffusion 2017-2021

InGRID 2017-2021.

Funding: European Union's Seventh Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration under Grant Agreement No 312691.


InGRID is a network of distributed, but integrating European research infrastructures. A research infrastructure is a facility or platform that provides the scientific community with resources and services to conduct top-level research in their respective fields.

InGRID research infrastructures serve the social sciences community, that wants to make an evidence-based contribution to a European policy strategy of inclusive growth. This research community focuses on social in/exclusion, vulnerability-at-work and related social and labour market policies from a European comparative perspective. Key tools in this social science research are all types of data: statistics on earnings, administrative social data, labour market data, surveys of quality of life or working conditions, and policy indicators.

For the period 2017-2021, the infrastructure has received funding for another 4 year project by the European H2020-programme: the InGRID-2 project. As a continuation of the launch of the infrastructure in 2013, this project will work on the infrastructure as an advanced research infrastructure. The full project title is "InGRID-2 Integrating Research Infrastructure for European expertise on Inclusive Growth from data to policy". To improve and open the research infrastructures, the InGRID-2 project will organise several activities.

Via visiting grants, the project provides transnational access to 16 European data centres of the infrastructure. Short and long-term visiting grants allow researchers to experiment with and work on key data sets and tools within a context of mutual knowledge exchange and cross-fertilisation. In addition, virtual data access is organised by LIS (LWS microdata) and UEssex (EUROMOD), which can be used or consulted via the InGRID project website. The project creates furthermore opportunities for networking, dialogue and knowledge exchange on the InGRID infrastructure through summer schools, expert workshops, data forums, special interest groups, and stakeholder conferences. Last but not least the consortium partners will conduct in the project methodological research and technological studies to improve the InGRID infrastructure.