Coordinating the integrated European Census Microdata

CIECM 2005-06.

Institution: Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics.

Principal investigators: Anna Cabré, Albert Esteve.

Funding: European Comission, Research Infraestructures Action, FP6-515829 and Departament d'Universitats Recerca i Societat de la Informació (DURSI).

The overarching goal of Coordinating the Integrated European Census Microdata (CIECM) is to organize a exploratory workshop to co-ordinate the European census microdata integration based on multiple rounds of population and housing censuses in at least 17 European countries. Thus, this meeting will allow potential participants to discuss, agree and co-operate a harmonization strategy that will make European census microdata comparable across space and time. The title of this activity is 'Workshop on Laying the Foundations for Integrating European Census Microdata'.

The exploratory workshop was held at the Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics, located at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, at the end of July 2005 for a total duration of 4 days. The participation in the conference included one representative of all participating countries, as well as independent experts, plus the Advisory Board members. The total attendance will therefore be up to 24 people. The main objectives related to this accompanying measure are:

  • Marshall the expertise of the broadest possible range of statistical experts and academics, to ensure that the integration of census micro- and meta- data is performed in accordance with the highest standards
  • Establish the foundation for regular contacts between researchers coming from different countries and disciplinary backgrounds to identify the opportunities and obstacles for developing comparable census microdata
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